Welcome to Nirvana Retreats’ Trading Club.

Want to learn proven techniques of experienced traders?  Are you an experienced trader? Want to meet with other traders and exchange ideas? Then this club is for you.

We have a passion and desire to trade.

Come for a coffee and nutritious treat and chat with other traders about reliable and proven day trading strategies. Bring your questions for the experienced traders and share your wisdom with the novice traders. Whatever your experience level, Nirvana Retreats Trading Club is the place to learn, share, relax and let the big picture inspire your next step.

Host: Richard C.
Richard is an independent trader with over 20 years of experience trading a variety of asset classes. His desire to trade grew out of his passion for meditation and wellness and his academic background studying the philosophy of science, international economic development and environmental social work.
 “I’m grateful for a life where I can align my own best interests with the best interests of others and the environment. My time at nirvana retreats has given me an incredible spiritual foundation to face the uncertainties of the world and to be able to focus my efforts on positively impacting the things that matter most to me”