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We are passionate about creating wonderful experiences for you and your little ones. It takes a village and we strive to create the community you need to nurture and awaken not only our children’s, but also your sense of wonder. We learn alongside them and bloom and grow together.

We encourage everyone at our Centre to explore, create and flourish while learning and developing self awareness and a variety of useful skills.

Awaken Learning offers:

  • Summer events

  • Focused courses and classes

  • A learning experience that nourishes and awakens our sense of wonder

  • Opportunities for parents to be involved

  • Incorporation of Yoga, breath work, and other important tools for self-regulation.

  • Strong emphasis on outdoor time to encourage Connection to Nature.

  • Hands-on learning & creating through a variety of tactile mediums and engaging activities.

  • Songs, stories and introduction to instruments & other languages.

  • Ample time for child-led play.

  • Guided by us, the parents and chosen educators, in a secure, trusting environment

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Awaken offers the perfect environment for families to explore, create and flourish. We are located on a 14 acre property with trails, manicured gardens, an organic vegetable garden and a stunning post-and-beam ‘Yoga Barn’ with a picturesque yoga studio overlooking the pond. We have a kids cabin and designated kids spaces.

How It Started

Liz and Richard were running Nirvana Retreats for years as a weekend Yoga Retreat Centre; booked up every weekend from April – November, until COVID hit. After a break from hosting and with our new focus on growing a wholistic family, we adapted the Centre to accommodate little ones as well as adults, Turns out that tools to help adults do yoga are also great for making the best forts and castles. Simple “toys” make for hours of imaginative play. We created a safe, nurturing environment with lots of time and space for outdoor exploration, We encourage physical strength and self-awareness with yoga and breathing exercises for both adults and children. Liz and Richie are excited to grow with our community of families as we bloom and grow together. They work closely with Liz’s father, Michael, who lives at the Centre to meticulously maintain the grounds and landscaping.

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I loved this place. We were so well taken care of, and the grounds are so beautiful and tranquil. The Yoga barn is absolutely stunning and the food was outstanding!

Elke (Retreat Participant, July 2016)


Awaken’s mission is to strengthen families, grow community and to learn and develop skills together.

We encourage families to unite, explore nature, do yoga, learn new skills, sing songs and dance, enjoy stories, eat nourishing foods and engage in creative activities together.


Awaken’s vision is:

To play, explore, create and flourish together
Stimulate natural curiosity & wonder
To cultivate individual interests

Incorporate important tools for self-regulation
To welcome all types of families

Hands-on learning & creating
Use a variety of tactile mediums and engaging activities

Play, with songs, stories, music and movement

To work together, teach each other skills and devote our efforts to the greater good of the community


Our beautiful and secluded 14 acre property in the Oak Ridges Morraine. It is 10 minutes west of Tottenham, 20 minutes north of Bolton, 20 minutes south of Alliston and 20 minutes east of Orangeville.

Contact us for exact directions. 

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