June 11, 2016

Thai Massage

Now Offering Thai Massage at Nirvana Retreats – Booking form below

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays by appointment between 10am and 8pm
$80 per hour or $100 for 90 minutes. 
Includes initial consultation.

Massages done by a licensed, experienced Holistic Practitioner (not RMT)

What is Thai massage?

Thai massage is a therapeutic technique that combines massage, yoga and acupressure, to relieve tension, pain and stress, while calming your mind. The experience is a series of rhythmic compressions, rotations and stretches along with acupressure.

What are the fundamentals?

Thai Massage is an ancient healing art that dates back to the time of Buddha. Thai massage works along “Sen Lines”, an energy system similar to the Meridian system in Chinese medicine. It is a great way to get stretched and the systematic therapy is deeply calming and grounding. A traditional Thai massage starts at the feet and works its way up to your head and is 90 – 120 minutes in length. 

Thai Massage will also help you become aware of what is going on in your body and initiates your body’s own healing mechanisms through therapeutic touch.  A good massage practitioner will identify your problem areas and focus on them from different positions throughout the massage. Your practitioner will also adjust the amount of pressure (light, moderate, deep) to suit your comfort level, to make sure you feel the results and have a great experience.

There are many benefits to receiving Thai Massage, rather than just a basic relaxation or Swedish massage. Heres why:

Avoid injuries
The therapy helps you to become aware of stiffness and weakness within your muscles and joints.  Weaknesses that may lead to injury if left unchecked.

Release your knots
Because of the different techniques used during the massage, your practitioner is able to target and “un-thai” deep rooted knots.  You will notice a release during your massage. It may take a few visits to get to knots out depending on how long they have been there.

Improve your flexibility
This is a great benefit.  And is especially beneficial if you are feeling pain in major joints (ex: hips, shoulders, neck).  Many yoga practitioners and athletes trust us with their bodies to help them increase their stretches.

Recover faster
If you have ever been sidelined from your favourite sport or activity, a Thai massage can help you get back in the game.  The secret is in the combination of techniques that stimulate muscle relaxation, blood flow, joint rotations and deep breathing.

Power up
Stretching gives the muscles access to more fibres, which, in turn leads to greater speed, power and endurance.  Thai massages may give you the competitive edge that you need in your next race, performance, game and every day life.